Quadrablaze Released (Late Post)

In case you missed it (because I’m really good at keeping up with all the places I should post about things) Quadrablaze has been released on Steam!

Now that it’s released I’ll be seeing what I can do to add multiplayer to the game. I’ve already started and seen that it’s going to take A LOT of work. If I can pull this off then there’s a few ideas I want to play around with like having multiplayer-centric boss fights and have player abilities that are tailored for both single AND multiplayer. I also want people to be able to use custom imported ships in multiplayer but for now, at least while things are being tested, the only ship that you’ll be able to use will be the built-in ship.

Multiplayer test builds will be in the multiplayer_test – beta in the Quadrablaze properties BETAS tab in Steam.

Quadrablaze on Steam

The Steam store page is up for Quadrablaze!

It’s not available for purchase just yet. A few more additions are needed and then it should be ready for public testing in Early Access!