Quadrablaze On Greenlight

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It’s a top-down arena shooter in space with abilities and weapons to upgrade to defend against waves of enemies and bosses! The game is still early in development and more abilities, weapons and enemies need to be added. A demo is in the works. When it’s ready, the link to it will be posted on Greenlight, Facebook and here.

Health Script v2.0

Health Script 2.0 Release Notes


  • Moved the health related scripts into the YounGenTech.Health namespace
  • C# Events have been swapped out for UnityEvents. You can now setup events to be triggered using the inspector rather than just through code.
  • Examples of instantiating prefabs and changing UI using the health events
  • OnRestored event in the Health script for when you are fully healed
  • NormalizedValue that will give you a value from 0 to 1 based on a scale from 0 to the max health value


  • The assist side of HealthAssist has been seperated for ease of use and turned into the Assist script
  • SendMessage messages are no longer sent from the Health script
  • Health now inherits from the IStat interface for extensibility
  • OnDamaged and OnHealed events now happen even if you were full restored or died within the same call. They are called right before OnDeath and OnRestored
  • And more…

Bawl Physics 2.01 – Also the full change log (forgot that in the previous post)

Bawl Physics

Bawl Physics 2.01 –

  • Unnecessary textures have been removed.
  • Some texture sizes have been reduced to save space and download time.
  • Missing image was added back in for the Bawl Physics Help window (Collision tab)

Bawl Physics 2.0 –


  • -New sandbox level with 3 areas that are inspired by Metroid Prime, Sonic, Spiderman.
  • -Bawl Physics Help window (Window/Bawl Physics Help)
  • -ActionDelay class – Used for actions that require a timed delay
  • -SurfaceStickDelay – Stores a collision normal value for a set amount of time before reseting to a default value. Used, for example, when you want to give a player extra time to jump after leaving the ground.
  • -Use UnityEvents that are on each ability to call functions, spawn effects or cause other interesting things to happen
  • -UnityEvents have also been added to the Controls class so you can customize simple input controls without having to code (as much). The new BawlPhysicsInput component contains an array of preset Controls which isn’t required, you can make your own input script if you want.


  • -Renamed the Swing ability to Grapple
  • -Abilities can now be started/stopped using StartAbility, FinishAbility, CancelAbility and their other variations (different abilities may have overloaded parameters)
  • -Input, effects and audio have been seperated from the AbilityBase component and placed into their own components for easier customization (Bawl Physics Input, Bawl Physics Sound Controller and Bawl Physics Effects)
  • -Common surface detection for the ball has been consolidated into a single component (Bawl Physics Surface Detection) that abilities can take advantage of. Simply put, it stores the average surface normal. The component will also fire an event when the value has been set so you can hook functions into it thanks to UnityEvents.