YounGen Shooter – In-Dev Update 1

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YounGen Shooter In-Dev Webplayer

Here’s a current build of the game. It’s still got some bugs in it but it’s playable so I haven’t built it as a stable release.

Release Notes –


  • Projectiles should no longer get stuck
  • Sound is now part of the projectile rather than the player so it won’t cut out completely at a Fire Rate level of 35
  • The player’s HUD is now on a new layer and rendered on the secondary camera so the XP crates won’t clip with them


  • Player’s trail has been replaced with fire particles
  • Added health upgrade
  • Added an ability that hurts enemies for 1 damage when they touch XP crates
  • Added temporary invincibility upgrade (you are invincible for 2 seconds after being hit)
  • Added a force field around the bounds of the level
  • Added asteroids in the background
  • Added broken ship parts effect after an enemy or the player dies
  • Added video/audio/control options
  • Added an enemy that explodes on contact with the player, doing 2 damage

And possibly more that I’ve forgotten to list…

YounGen Shooter – Progress

Screen4 Screen3


  • Textured the player, enemy and xp crate
  • Made a main menu
  • Added another upgrade option (projectile speed)
  • Changed the background. It now uses a particle system to make the starry background rather than one big boring sprite.

I haven’t added any options in the options menu yet.

I plan on adding some more sounds, a different music track and more enemies.

New Page – YounGen Shooter


I’ve started up this top-down shooter project. You gather XP by killing enemies, but there’s a twist. When enemies drop xp, they’ll drop it in a nearby XP crate. The more XP that is in the XP crate, the bigger it gets. You can merge crates together and they’ll get bigger. Merging big crates with other big crates will result in a much bigger crate of XP because extra XP is added on when you merge big XP crates together. Or you can just use them for cover, either way.

New Page – Wave Simulator