YounGen Shooter

A top-down shooter set in space. You fight off spinners (basically sawblades) whilst farming XP.

YounGen Shooter – More skills

I’ve added two new skills –


  • Button: Left Shift
  • Moves you in the direction that you are moving or in the direction you are pointing (in the case that no directional buttons are held down)


  • Button: F
  • Damage enemies (1 health) and push them (and XP Crates) away with this skill

YounGen Shooter – In-Dev Update 1

GameplayU1.3    UpgradeMenuU1 VideoOptionsU1

YounGen Shooter In-Dev Webplayer

Here’s a current build of the game. It’s still got some bugs in it but it’s playable so I haven’t built it as a stable release.

Release Notes –


  • Projectiles should no longer get stuck
  • Sound is now part of the projectile rather than the player so it won’t cut out completely at a Fire Rate level of 35
  • The player’s HUD is now on a new layer and rendered on the secondary camera so the XP crates won’t clip with them


  • Player’s trail has been replaced with fire particles
  • Added health upgrade
  • Added an ability that hurts enemies for 1 damage when they touch XP crates
  • Added temporary invincibility upgrade (you are invincible for 2 seconds after being hit)
  • Added a force field around the bounds of the level
  • Added asteroids in the background
  • Added broken ship parts effect after an enemy or the player dies
  • Added video/audio/control options
  • Added an enemy that explodes on contact with the player, doing 2 damage

And possibly more that I’ve forgotten to list…