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PoolGen – Released!

PoolGen is now on the Unity Asset Store!

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PoolGen is a multi-object pooling system with a unique inspector to help you setup your object pools super quick!


  • Easy to use inspector with object previews
  • Handles different objects in a single pool manager
  • Random weighted chance spawning system
  • UnityEvents for OnPooled, OnSpawn, OnDespawn so you can setup events either through inspector or script
  • A scene with a very basic example of how to use this system
  • A handy ResetRigidbody component to zero out the velocities of the Rigidbody upon spawning

Note: Some C# knowledge required to incorporate this into your project via scripting. Variables that need to be reset upon spawning/despawning must be implemented by you as this system will not automatically do it for you (ex. character health, level, etc.).


Health Script v2.0

Health Script 2.0 Release Notes


  • Moved the health related scripts into the YounGenTech.Health namespace
  • C# Events have been swapped out for UnityEvents. You can now setup events to be triggered using the inspector rather than just through code.
  • Examples of instantiating prefabs and changing UI using the health events
  • OnRestored event in the Health script for when you are fully healed
  • NormalizedValue that will give you a value from 0 to 1 based on a scale from 0 to the max health value


  • The assist side of HealthAssist has been seperated for ease of use and turned into the Assist script
  • SendMessage messages are no longer sent from the Health script
  • Health now inherits from the IStat interface for extensibility
  • OnDamaged and OnHealed events now happen even if you were full restored or died within the same call. They are called right before OnDeath and OnRestored
  • And more…