Bawl Physics 2.02

Bawl Physics

Bawl Physics 2.02 –

  • Joystick.cs updated to fix build error.
  • Lightmap settings adjusted to reduce weird ambient occlusion on some of the checkered blocks.

Quadrablaze – Alpha Demo 1

Quadrablaze – Alpha Demo 1
The alpha demo is ready! In the demo, the player’s level is capped at 5 for now. That should leave you with enough skill points to get a feel for what the game offers. Hope you enjoy!

– Controllers are supported
– Button remapping is supported
– Fullscreen might be a bit buggy or it could just be a problem with my own computer

Quadrablaze On Greenlight

Help support Quadrablaze on Steam Greenlight!

It’s a top-down arena shooter in space with abilities and weapons to upgrade to defend against waves of enemies and bosses! The game is still early in development and more abilities, weapons and enemies need to be added. A demo is in the works. When it’s ready, the link to it will be posted on Greenlight, Facebook and here.

Health Script v2.0

Health Script 2.0 Release Notes


  • Moved the health related scripts into the YounGenTech.Health namespace
  • C# Events have been swapped out for UnityEvents. You can now setup events to be triggered using the inspector rather than just through code.
  • Examples of instantiating prefabs and changing UI using the health events
  • OnRestored event in the Health script for when you are fully healed
  • NormalizedValue that will give you a value from 0 to 1 based on a scale from 0 to the max health value


  • The assist side of HealthAssist has been seperated for ease of use and turned into the Assist script
  • SendMessage messages are no longer sent from the Health script
  • Health now inherits from the IStat interface for extensibility
  • OnDamaged and OnHealed events now happen even if you were full restored or died within the same call. They are called right before OnDeath and OnRestored
  • And more…