Energy Based Objects

Energy Based Objects 2.01

A small update with some useful features…

2.01 Release Notes –


  • OnWeaponRaycastSpawn
    • maxObjectsToHit default is now 1



  • OnWeaponRaycastSpawn
    • OnCreateLineRenderer(LineRenderer lineRenderer) event so you can grab the LineRenderer when you shoot
  • AddLightOnCreateLineRenderer
    • Uses OnWeaponRaycastSpawn’s OnCreateLineRenderer event to grab the newly created LineRenderer and attach a light to it.
  • CreateAndParentOnCreateLineRenderer
    • Instantiates (if you choose to) a specified GameObject and parents it to the LineRender that is returned from OnWeaponRaycastSpawn’s OnCreateLineRenderer event.



  • MoveLineRenderer
    • The GameObject now moves along and rotates properly with the LineRenderer. It’s position will now be between the start and end of the line.